Moultonborough Community Information

Moultonborough is a fascinating place to call home with its quaint sidewalk cafes, mouth-watering restaurants, attractive employment opportunities, exhilarating recreational amenities and affordable housing options. Its prime location makes Moultonborough the largest lakefront community in the nation with 65 miles of shorefront encompassing several lakes. Additionally, its inclusion in the Carroll County community of cities and subdivisions affords residents the luxury of living in an exciting environment rich in history and tradition and poised for continued economic growth. Commercial development has introduced many new companies to the area, beautification projects have brightened public areas and parklands, and the school system is continuing to expand its outreach to people of all ages. The town has one elementary school, one middle school and one high school with several community colleges, universities and professional trade schools nearby in neighboring cities.

Major employers in the area include the Penta Corporation, Sabanek, Meredith Village Savings Bank, Elan Publishing, Laconia Savings Bank and a long list of retailers, specialty shops and corporate chains. The nearest commercial airport is located in Manchester, some 70 miles away while downtown Boston is about a two hours drive during weekdays. Recreational activities abound, making Moultonborough a playground for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy fishing, hunting, skiing, boating, golf, hiking and animal watching. Tourist attractions in the area include the Castle in the Clouds, the Loon Center and the Markus Wildlife Sanctuary.

The local transportation network is advanced and accommodating for commuters while smaller city streets remain clean and safe, creating a very family-friendly atmosphere. Many New Yorkers and Bostonians have migrated to New Hampshire because of the state?s breathtaking beauty, sparkling lakes, attractive schools and stable economy. People also move here for the peace and quiet the rural lifestyle offers.

New Hampshire and towns like Moultonborough are renowned for their beauty, especially in the fall when the colors in the sky are spectacular and when the foliage changes from green to gold, rust and copper. Autumn here will dazzle your eyes and excite your imagination, leaving you with long lasting memories. If you are planning a move to the northeast, there is no better place to call home than the New Hampshire township of Moultonborough.

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